She Slays: Beyonce’s “Formation” Music Video and Performance Causes Loads of Conversation

 By:  Anny Jules  

In the famous words of Beyonce, “You know you that b*tch when you cause all this conversation.”


And that’s exactly what happened after Beyonce unexpectedly dropped her “Formation” music video on Saturday, February 5 for her fans to rave about and stan for. 






And while the song is undoubtedly a banger produced by the talented Mike Will Made It, it was the music video that proved to be the icing on the cake for what has now become the “Formation” movement. 



The “Formation” music video, which was shot in New Orleans, features Beyonce embracing her creole and country roots, her baby’s ever flourishing afro, and celebrating black life. 



The video and the message behind “Formation”  couldn’t come at a better time for this year’s Black History Month. 



Beyhive marketing team—-we see you! 



And while we are loving Beyonce embracing her black girl magic while encouraging others to step in formation to do the same, other people are not too pleased. 




Following the release of her music video, Beyonce graced us with another epic Superbowl performance that featured her dancers dressed as black panthers. The performance and the song sparked major controversy for many who felt that Beyonce’s black panther dance team was too racially aggressive and offensive for the Super Bowl. 


Some even went as far as comparing the black panthers to the KKK. 


To those people….please check your facts before you spread ignorance. 



In addition to her Superbowl performance, Beyonce stirred up some controversy by including a scene in her music video of her sinking a police car. 



Many slammed Beyonce for what they felt was encouraging violence against police officers and promoting an anti-police movement. 


However, if those same people actually took the time to objectively watch the video and process its meaning, they’d see that the video is an ode and celebration to black life. It is not meant to be negative or divisive. Instead, it is meant to unite and uplift. 


Does “Formation” include the sinking of a cop car? Yes. But that symbolizes sinking and throwing away police brutality against black lives. Because as much as opposers want to downplay this fact,  the reality is that police brutality is real and it has become an epidemic, particularly in the black community. 


Black lives do matter. 


To all you opposers, critics, and haters out there who like to generalize when it comes to the black lives matter movement, here is some clarification. 



Being anti-police brutality is not the same as being anti-police. Police brutality is something that does exist and that is something that deserves to be sunk and erased. However, we recognize, praise, and acknowledge the good and hardworking cops who put their lives on the line for us each day. We salute you. 




The message that I take from “Formation” is unity. Let us unite for peace. Let us be unapologetic about what we feel is unjust and celebrate our magic. 


Thank you Bey for sparking this spirited conversation. We stand in formation with you. 


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