Blac Chyna Jumps the Gun With Future

For weeks now, there were rumors that Blac Chyna and Future were dating and Blac Chyna seemed to confirm those rumors after posting an Instagram photo of her hand with the name Future on it. 


Naturally, social media users were shocked by this because Future and Blac Chyna were allegedly dating for only a few weeks. But the shock value went to a whole new level when Future responded in the shadiest manner and posted a Twitter message letting the world know he is definitely single. 





“Single and focusing on what makes me happy,” he tweeted. "U kno I dnt f*** wit no rumors." 


Naturally, Blac Chyna quickly deleted the photos and is now saying that the tattoo isn’t permanent. 


Ok girl…




Black Chyna’s marketing team also seemed to kick things into overdrive and use her public humiliation as a way to make her a trending topic.


Blac Chyna created the hashtag #blacchynasharpie and encouraged her fans to sharpie her name on their hands. If they do so, she promised to follow them back. 



The hashtag has gone viral, but social media users can’t help but poke fun at Blac Chyna for jumping the gun. Others are also speculating that perhaps Blac Chyna’s tattoo is a maketing scheme to promote Future’s new music video to “Rich Sex” featuring none other than Blac Chyna. 

Whatever’s going on here, it’s safe to say that a relationship is not in the future for Blac Chyna and Future. Better luck next time. 

Story From: TMZ, Rolling Out