Charlie Sheen to Reveal his HIV Positive Status to the World

NBC’s “Today” show recently announced that former “Two and a Half Men” actor Charlie Sheen would sit down for an exclusive interview with “Today’s” Matt Lauer to make a “revealing personal announcement.” 



Though “Today” did not disclose what exactly he plans to reveal, reports claim that Charlie will allegedly tell the world that he is HIV positive. 




TMZ claims that Charlie—-who has publicly boasted about his promiscuity and frequent sexual escapades in the past—-has known that he is HIV positive for two years now, but recently took blood tests that no longer detect the virus in his body. 



It is unclear whether Charlie continued to have unprotected sex with multiple women following his HIV diagnosis, but his former sex partner Natalie Kenly who claims she is HIV negative believes that Charlie would not knowingly put other women at risk. 



"He has regard for human beings and cares about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk,” she told People. 


Charlie’s“Today” interview will air live on NBC on Tuesday, Nov. 17. 


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Story From: TMZ, USAToday, People, Access Hollywood, Today