Chris Brown Wants to Love Karrueche ‘Back to Sleep’ One More Time

 By:  Anny Jules  

Justfew days after Valentine’s day, love was still in in the air for Chris Brown as he dropped a very raunchy “Back to Sleep” remix featuring Usher and Zayn Malik. While Usher and Zayn’s lyrics included some very NSFW verses, Chris’ verse was more romantic-ish and nostalgic over his former love Karrueche. 


The couple split last year over Chris’ continuous infidelity and his secret fatherhood, but it seems like Chris still can’t get over Kae.



Check out Chris’  “Back to Sleep” remix verse below: 


And I know we don’t speak no more

But I just wanna tell you I’m sorry

For f**kin’ around with Keisha and MaKayla

For all the Georgia peaches in Decatur

For all these b**ches in the elevator

I just want you to love me

Yeah baby don’t test me

You know I’ll do it

You want me to say your name girl?

Okay, Karrueche!



So far, Karrueche has yet to publicly respond to Chris’ declaration of love. But sources claim that Karrueche is flattered yet still conflicted on her feelings over Chris. 



Do you think there still might be a second chance at love for these two? Sound off below! 

Story From:  The Hollywood Life, People