It’s Official! ‘Empire’ Star Grace Gealey is Engaged!

After months of playing coy about their relationship, “Empire” co-stars Grace Gealey and Trai Byers are finally ready to let the world in on their whirlwind romance! 



During her appearance on Wednesday’s episode of “Tyra Banks Presents the Fab Life,” Grace admitted that not only are she and Trai in a relationship, they are engaged. 


Grace flaunted her gorgeous ring on the set of “Fab Life” and admitted that this was her first time revealing her engagement to the public following many rumor reports of her romance with Trai. 



“So you’re telling us that your love on the set of your show is for real, for real and not a fling?” Tyra asked Grace to which she replied, “For real, for real. Not a fling.”



Check out the video of Grace’s big engagement reveal below.



Whether Grace planned to share her engagement announcement on-air remains unclear. But we have a feeling that Tyra and her team planned for this big reveal. 


Prior to the news, Tyra and her panel of "FabLife" experts strategically asked Grace to share her opinion about coworkers dating. Though most people would probably dismiss the idea of romance in the workplace, Grace is an advocate for it and advised that both parties should be serious about one another before agreeing to work and date. 



“I’m not a fan of flings where you work because that’s where it gets a little dangerous,” said Grace. “If you want to have flings in real life, that’s fine, but where you work…eh. So if you do get involved in your workplace, you want to know that this is something you’re invested in and not just something that is frivolous and fleeting.”


What are your thoughts on dating in the workplace? Do you agree with Grace or should love and work remain separate?


Sound off below! 


Story From: BET , MadameNoire, People.