James Franco to Direct “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted”

Back in October, a former stripper by the name of Aziah “Zola” Wells tweeted an epic story recalling her trip to Florida that involved prostitution, violence, and kidnapping. 


The Twitter-verse was so in awe of said story that it become trending under the hashtag #TheStory and catapulted Zola to instant fame. 



Zola’s instant fame status brought in major book, television, and movie deals and after months of negotiating, it seems that James Franco has come on board to bring Zola’s Twitter story to the big screen. 





James will reportedly direct, produce, and star in the film. The film’s script will be written by Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts. Not much else is know about the film, but if it is anything like Zola’s Twitter novel, fans are sure to get their money’s worth.



What are your thoughts about Zola’s upcoming movie? Sound off below! 



Story From: The Verge