Part 2 of Rap Radars Interview with Jay Z

Innovative and genius! Those words speak to what Jay Z has been doing since the release of his 4:44 album last month. Tidal, the digital platform that Jay has attached his name and brand to, not only streams his music but it is the only place you can see exclusive behind the scenes and other content related to his new album. Rap Radar released part 2 of the interview and has everyone talking.


He starts of talking about his mom and their relationship, “She was just so dope to me.” He opened up a lot on the song ‘Smile’ which talks about their relationshipand her sexuality. He wanted her to share her story so it can reach people who maybe in the same situation she was. Jay began to talk about Blue’s freestyle at the end of the “4:44” album.  He was in the studio finishing “Family Feud” and playing with the beat when little Blue grabbed the headphones and started freestyling over the instrumental.  “She just start rapping,” he said. “I was like, ‘oh shoot she understands the concept of a hook’. She’s five and she understands the concept of a hook.”


He also mentioned the meaning behind the name of his newborn twins Rumi and Sir. Rumi, their daughter, was named after Jay Z and Beyonce’s favorite poet, Sir was given his because of his aura when he was first born. “Sir came of the gate like a Sir,” Jay Z stated. He even goes back to talk about rap beef in reference to the track ‘Moonlight.’ He breaks down how his previous rap beefs with Fat Joe and Jim Jones could have been easily resolved by having a conversation.  He has since moved on from any rap beef, it’s not in his future. Jay said “I don't want to have rap beef, I'm checked out of that part of the game."


These interviews are giving us a personal side with a bit of recap to the making of Jay Z’s 4:44 album. We don’t always get to see this side of artists. Again innovative and genius to captivate fans and build an audience to tune in and listen. What are your thoughts on Jay Z opening up about his album 4:44?


Story From: Billboard, Enspire Us All