Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’s Insecure about Singing

Jennifer Lopez is arguably one of the biggest pop stars in the music industry today, but she revealed a major insecurity about herself that might shock many of her fans. 



During a recent interview with “Good Morning Britain,” Jennifer admitted that she’s insecure about her singing despite having a successful music career and international stardom.  



She explained that for years after she started in the music business, many music buffs criticized her voice and told her that she was not good enough. 


“After being told for so many years that you're not as good as this person or that person, it beats away on your insecurities,” she said.


“I always wanted to be a singer and a dancer but when they start dissecting you like that, it does work away at your insecurities,” she added. 



But despite her surprising insecurity, JLO is setto release her tour documentary that features much of hersinging and impeccable dance moves. 


"The decision to do that tour came from the fact that I was in so much pain - going through a divorce when you have kids is the hardest thing ever,” she shared, adding, "The loss of that dream was so hard. To be able to pick yourself up , find a new dream and dance again then became the message of that tour.”


We often look at celebrities as perfect and untouchable, but it’s nice and comforting to see someone as big as JLO be so open about insecurities that we all have. 



What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s singing insecurities? 


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Story From: Evening Standard