Jussie Smollett Becomes new Pepsi Artist

 By:  Anny Jules  

Spoiler Alert! 


If you watched the latest episode of “Empire,” you saw that Jussie Smollett, the actor who plays Jamal Lyon on the show, inked a deal with Pepsi to be the new face of the brand. 


But did you know that the “Empire” collaboration with Pepsi is more than just a fictional storyline on the show? It’s an actual thing! 


On Thursday, Nov. 19, Jussie took to Instagram to announce that he is the new face of Pepsi.  Pepsi’s deal is not just with Jussie, but with the entire “Empire” brand.” 

Pepsi joined the “Empire” team for its second season as the show’s official drink sponsor and signed Jussie along to sweeten the deal. To celebrate the massive sponsorship “Empire” creatively infused the Pepsi brand into the storyline of the show’s star character Jamal Lyon. 

On the show, Jamal signs a deal with Pepsi after successfully  convincing Pepsi executives that his “Ready to Go” song is the next big thing for his #NextPepsiArtist campaign. 

Reports claim that the official Pepsi commercial for “Ready to Go” which was directed by Lee Daniels will air on “Empire” on Dec. 2. 

“At Pepsi, we’re always looking to create new experiences that will impact pop culture. Our partnership with Empire will allow us to reach and invite fans to have fun with us and their favorite TV show this season,” Pepsi said in an official statement.

“Pepsi let me do my thing,” Lee Daniels added. “It’s not an experience that’s been experienced by the regular Pepsi commercial viewer before.”

Jussie will now follow in the footsteps of A-list artists such as Beyonce and Michael Jackson who have both collaborated with the Pepsi brand.

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Story From: Billboard, Vibe