Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome Baby No. 2

Just weeks after Kim Kardashian revealed that her baby was breech, she took to social media on Saturday, Dec. 5 to reveal that she and her hubby Kanye West have welcomed baby number 2. 


 Kanye and Kim have yet to reveal the name and first photos of the baby, but we are sure their baby boy is as cute as a button and has a unique name just like their baby girl North.




Prior to her delivery, Kim was diligent in documenting her often grueling and high risk pregnancy.  Five days before giving birth, Kim revealed on Instagram that she was suffering from a sinus infection and the flu.

Soon after, Kim underwent a procedure known as External Cephalic Version which is done to manually turn a baby’s position from breech to a head-down position for natural birth. 

ECV can often result in many complications such as a dropping heart rate of the baby or the mother’s water breaking which would call for an emergency C- section. Thankfully, Kim’s ECV procedure was successful and most importantly, so was her delivery! 

Congratulations to the Wests! 

Story From: E! News