Lupita Nyong’o described as an “ice princess’ by her “Eclipsed” Cast mates

Lupita Nyong’o may be getting rave reviews for her performance in the Broadway-bound production of “Eclipsed,” but the impression she’s given her cast mates has been lukewarm. 



Lupita’s “Eclipsed” cast mates reportedly do not get along with her because she is rumored to be stand-offish, rude, and anti-social. 


 By  Anny Jules  

Sources from The Daily Mail claim that the Academy award winning actress has repeatedly declined invitations to go out to lunch with the other cast members and requests to do press interviews alone despite the show being an ensemble production. 

Her co-stars reportedly refer to her as a “manipulative b*tch” and “ice princess.” 

But despite their alleged qualms with Lupita, the show’s executive producer Stephen C. Byrd is reportedly adamant about keeping Lupita happy and giving her whatever she wants. 

“Stephen paid her top-dollar to be in this production. He’s head over heels to have her in the show and has made it clear to everyone, whatever Lupita wants, she gets,” says a Daily Mail source. “He’s assured her that this is her show and he’ll move mountains to please her.”

Tension has allegedly become so bad within the cast that cast member Saycon Sengbloh has opted to leave the show before it made its Broadway debut. 

Lupita has yet to respond to these claims, but we hope that if this is true, she tones it down. Arrogance is an undeniably ugly trait. 

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Story From: The Daily Mail, News Au