Patti LaBelle’s Pie Phenomenon

 By:  Anny Jules  

Who knew that at 71 years of age, Patti LaBelle would become known for something other than her immaculate vocals and music?



Earlier this month, when professional singer and social media personality James Wright Chanel posted a vivacious musical video review of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, the video went viral and Patti LaBelle’s pie’s became a trending topicon social media and top seller at Walmart. 



Though Patti LaBelle’s pie’s have been in the market since September, James’ video helped the product garner instantaneous recognition and reports claim that the pies have been selling out at Walmarts nationwide. 




In addition to the pie’s success, James has also garnered a lot of attention and success because of his viral video.  He claims that he recently hired a PR team to help him because he has been contacted by some big Hollywood names that want to collaborate with him. 



"It got real crazy and I was like, 'Oh no, I can't handle this on my own.' I was getting emails from big, big people like in the industry so it got a little hectic and I was like I need a team now. Everything just fell right in place,” James, who once sang background vocals for Nicki Minaj and Chrisette Michelle, told NBC. 




Initially, Patti LaBelle thanked James for his contribution in the success of her pies when speaking with NBC and even offered to help with his professional singing career. 


I mean nobody wanted to promote my pies. I didn't want to promote them. I knew the goodness of the pie would sell the pie … because they were so great. But when James started singing, more people took advantage of looking for Patti's Pies. So it's the power of that voice,” she said, adding, "I will sing with James anytime but that boy out-sings me. I think he has like 10 jobs and he keeps himself out there and he keeps himself current so he's going to do well for himself and I'm going to make sure I help.”



But just recently, Patti began singing a different tune when TMZ approached her about the success of her pies. Instead of thanking James like she initially did, Patti claimed that her pies were selling out before James’ “wonderful review.” 


Naturally, social media users had a field day with this comment and slammed Miss Patti for not giving James his fair credit. The general consensus among social media users is that no one knew about Patti Pies before James. 

What are your thoughts on the Patti Pie frenzy? Will you be buying the trending pie for Thanksgiving?

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Story From: TMZ, NBC News, The Boombox, MadameNoire