Proctor and Gamble AD Stirs up Controversy Among Non-Black Viewers

Proctor & Gamble just released a new 2 minute commercial ad about race relations. P&G is a company that is best known for selling soap. P&G  P&G launched the My Black is Beautiful program more than 10 years ago to build its brand recognition by encouraging African-American women and girls. This is not the first time P&G are bringing to light social indifferences. They had a campaign in 2014 ‘Like A Girl’ andearlier this year discussing gender equality.


The name of the ad is “The Talk.” There were no products displayed in the ad, it was dialogue between African American mothers and their children throughout decades. The ad reached over 7 million views and a great deal of people respond via social media. There were overwhelming responses good and bad. Majority of the African American community agreed and felt that it explained their truth. However, the non-black audience lashed out on social media saying the ad unfairly suggests that white people are insensitive and police are biased.


Marc Pritchard is P&G's chief brand officer and he spoke with CBS News about the messaging behind the commercial. "This commercial 'The Talk' is a powerful film that is really part of a broader platform that we have called 'My Black is Beautiful.'" "The Talk" "enables people to do is to have conversations about bias -- and when you have conversations and promote dialogue that promotes understanding," Pritchard explained.

What do you think about brands taking on race relations during a time where the United States is clearly divided about unarmed black citizens being shot by police officers? Take a look at the ad and let us know your thoughts.


Check out the video below:



Story From: Biz Journals, CBS News