Raven Symone Apologizes for Name-Discrimination on ‘The View’

It’s pretty safe to say that these days, Raven Symone is most recognized for her outlandish comments on TV more than her acting and music accolades.  The former Disney and “Cosby show”princess is quickly becoming Hollywood’s most controversial names with every “foot-in-the mouth” remark she makes. 



Since landing a permanent spot on “The View” back in June, Raven has made a slew of controversial statements including her comparison of First Lady Michelle Obama to an ape. 



Yup, she said that. We can’t make this up. 



Right when we thought Raven would cool it with the unenlightened comments, she came back with vengeance. This time around, she blatantly admitted to discriminating against “ghetto” names.


"I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not going to happen," Raven said on last Thursday’s episode of “The View.” ”I’m not going to hire you.”


Check out Raven’s comments on “The View” below via Breaking24News.




Naturally, Raven’s comments caused an uproar on social media in which many criticized Raven’s birth name as being named after a bird. Other critics such as “The Breakfast Club” radio host Charlamagne tha God noted Raven’s hypocrisy in categorizing names after she once told Oprah that she refuses to be labeled and categorized in society. 


Check out Charlamagne’s comments on Raven Symone below. 




The immense backlash prompted Raven to half heartedly apologize for her comments. Though she did not officially apologize, Raven did write a letter on Facebook acknowledging her poor choice of words and“lack of empathy.” 


Check out Raven's Facebook post here.

Raven’ s father also took to Facebook and acknowledged that his daughteroften sayssome “dumb sh*t.” 

Check out his post here.


Well, you’re not lying there Papa Symone. 



As much as we would like to excuse Raven for her foot-in-mouth moment (because, let’s face it, we all have them) there comes a point where enough is enough. 


Raven has continually made ignorant statements, specifically towards race and it’s sad to see that she is using her very large platform to relay uninformed messages. 



One could argue that perhaps Raven’s critics are too sensitive and that very well could be the case. However, when you choose to showcase yourself everyday in the spotlight, you inevitably choose the huge amount of responsibility that comes with it. 


Choose your words wisely Miss Symone. 


What are your thoughts on Raven’s recent OMG comments? Did she take it too far or are her critics being too sensitive?

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