Rihanna’s Songwriter Blames Travis Scott for her Album Delay

Anyone who’s been following Rihanna’s latest album rollout is probably utterly confused at this point. 


For months, Rih-Rih has been teasing the release of her album, but fans have yet to see or hear an actual album. Aside from her single “BBHM,” Rihanna has not released any new music and just recently, she announced a tour for her new album but we have not heard any new music. 



So what’s up with Rihanna’s confusing new music roll-out? Well according to her songwriter Glass John who wrote her song “Kiss it Better,” it’s all Travis Scott’s fault. 



Travis Scott who is reportedly Rihanna’s new man is also producing her album. And according to Glass John, he’s been planting doubtful seeds in her ear that her album is not good enough to be released. 




Travis also allegedly wants Rihanna to put out a “trap-sounding” album and so that has also caused a lot of delay with her new “ANTI” album. 

It is still unclear when Rihanna will release this album, but based off Glass John’s tweets….he’s not feeling the new direction of Rihanna’s music and is definitely not liking Travis’ influence over her. 

Neither Rihanna or Travis have responded publicly to Glass John’s comments which he made via Twitter. 

All we’re hoping for is an album in the near future Rih-Rih! 

What are your thoughts on Travis’ alleged control on the “Anti” album? Sound off below! 

Story From: VH1