Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All of his Movies in Real Time

Shia LaBeouf has recently decided to embark on what many are describing as a “bizarre” performance art project where he is inviting people to watch him watch his films in reverse chronological order FOR FREE at the Angelika Film Center in New York City. 





The live performance art project titled #AllMyMovies premiered on Tuesday, November 10th and will continue on non-stop for the next three days.  For those that can’t join Shia live to watch his movies, they can watch him via live stream on



For a full list of Shia’s movies playing at the Angelika Film Center, look below. 




Sources claim that Shia’s team aren’t kicking anyone out of the theater and people can choose to come and go on their own. The only alleged rule is that audience members are asked not to speak to Shia who will not respond because apparently he is “in the zone.” 



So far, the reception to Shia’s unique performance art piece has been positive despite some people calling it bizarre. His fans have praised him for his genius idea and are excited to be able to see him live. 

Prior to his latest #AllMyMovies event, Shia held another unique performance art piece in Los Angeles for five days titled #IAMSORRY. During #IAMSORRY, Shia silently met members of the public one by one for five days in an LA gallery.”

Following the #IAMSORRY event, Shia made claims that he was allegedly raped by one of the members that attended his event. 

“One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me…” LaBeouf told Dazed, adding that his girlfriend attended the show the day that LaBeouf was raped and was “hurt” after discovering what had happened. 

It is unclear whether Shia ever pressed charged against his alleged rapist. 

What are your thoughts on Shia’s #AllMyMovies piece? Is this a stroke of genius or totally absurd? 

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Story From: Gothamist, New York Times