Solange Knowles Defends her Son Julez and Might be Expecting

You can always leave it up to a social media troll to ruin the moment.




On Wednesday, May 25, Solange Knowles took to Instagram to share a photo and video of her son Julez at his 5th grade graduation. 



The proud mama described her son as “rad” as she posted avideo of his graduation speech that he recited in French.


You go Julez! 


And though we were impressed with Julez’s bilingual skills, one social media wasn’t and made sure everyone knew. 


The Instagram troll slammed Solange for what she perceived asencouraginghim to become a “Euro man” by learning French instead of teaching him to embrace his African roots. 



Solange later clapped back and informed said troll that her son learning French has actually given him the opportunity to communicate with and befriend many natives from Africa.  Ms. Knowles was also sure to add that her son learning French was none of the troll’s business. 






Check out the Instagram dispute below. 





We commend Solange for her eloquent clapback and her son’s milestone! 


If Julez is any indication, Solange’s reported baby with her husband Alan Ferguson will be just as rad! 


Though neither of them have confirmed the baby news, rumor reports have surfaced that Solange is in fact pregnant with her second child. 



We’ll keep watching, but if the rumors are true, congrats Solange! 




Story From: LoveBScott, Essence