Stacey Dash’s Ex Puts her on Blast for Having an Aboriton

 By:  Anny Jules  

It’s pretty safe to say there’s bad blood between Stacey Dash and her ex- boyfriend and rapper Ryan Prophet. 



A day after Christmas, Ryan took to Instagram to slam Stacey for having an abortion for what would have been his child with her. 



Ryan revealed that at the time of her pregnancy, Stacey was in a relationship with another man who encouraged her to abort the baby she would have had with Ryan. 



“It’s no secret seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams later in our relationship she tells me good news well Greatness she’s pregnant that was the best f***king day of my life she starts to act funny Towards me for someone else while pregnant with my baby the new guy she’s with requested for her to get in abortion so she could have his baby. Everyone I don’t have kids but I’m in my feelings because even though that guy brainwashed her she should have gave me my baby it would have been a blessing to watch my seed unwrap gifts yesterday for Christmas thank you @realstaceydash for killing my baby trying to please another MF smh,” Ryan wrote onInstagram. 



Soon after, Ryan deleted the Instagram post and posted a screenshot of an alleged text message exchange between himself and Stacey where she seemingly apologizes for aborting their child. 


Stacey has yet to respond to Ryan’s accusations, but Stacey has openly said that she is pro-life. 



Still, it is not ok for any man to put a woman on blast like that. Ryan, that was definitely a conversation you could have had with Stacey in private. 




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Story From:  Rolling Out, LoveBScott