Tamar Braxton Opens up About her Health and Feelings Towards Toni Braxton Biopic

 By:  Anny Jules  

We all know that Tamar Braxton loves to speak her mind and lately on her show “The Real” she has been very generous with offering her opinion. 



When her sister Toni came on the show to share pictures of the cast from her Lifetime biopic, Tamar had some not-so-nice words to say about who was chosen to play her in the movie. 



“Who’s that family? That’s the Raxtons!” Tamar said about the cast photos. 


Toni revealed that though she is executive producer of the biopic which will air on Lifetime on January 23, she had no say on who will play her sisters. 


In addition to sharing her opinion on the upcoming Toni Braxton biopic, Tamar also gave an update on her health status.


Last month, Tamar was forced to quit “Dancing With the Stars” because she was hospitalized for what doctors thought was initially pneumonia and later discovered was blood clots in her lungs. 



Now, she will have to undergo surgery to remove a rib because of her blood clots. 


“I’m definitely on the mend,” Tamar said about the upcoming surgery. “Some days are really tough. Like yesterday was too tough, y’all. I could not get out of bed.”



We wish Tamar the best of luck on her surgery and hope she has a smooth and speedy recovery! 


Story From: ABC News, Hello Beautiful