Web of Lies: Boxer Yusaf Mack Now Comes out as Gay

 By  Anny Jules  

It has been quite a couple of weeks trying to keep up with Philadelphia boxer Yusaf Mack. 


When a porno video of Yusaf having sex with several men made its way to the Internet, the Philadelphia native made a very poor attempt at damage control by saying that he was drugged prior to filming the porno and had no recollection of ever agreeing to star in the shoot. 


But when the pornography company DawgPoundUSA threatened to file a lawsuit against Yusaf for making slanderous and false accusations about the company, he quickly reneged his initial statement and came out as bi-sexual. 


Yusaf even told TMZ he was planning to write a book about his porn-star experience. 


"I have never spoke negatively about the company that produced the film although the claim to have been given a drug by someone during set was a lie. I was completely aware and fully conscious during the film,”Yusaf said in a statement last week. "I did participate in the adult film because at the time I needed money but also because I am a bisexual man. Meaning I enjoy safely being intimate with whomever I choose.”


And right when we thought the Yusaf Mack story would be put to rest, he sat down for an interview withFox 29’s Quincy Harris where he revealed that he is gay and not bisexual. 


“I’m gay, I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is, I live my life, I’m gay,” Yusaf said. 


When asked to reveal how long he’s acknowledged his homosexuality, Yusaf responded, “about eight years.”



Since the release of his pornography video, Yusaf admits that he was suicidal, especially after being shunned by his family of 10 children and now former fiancee. Yusaf claims that his eldest daughter told him that he is a disgrace to the family. 


Check out Yusaf’s most recent interview here. 




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Story From: Gawker, TMZ, Instinct, BET