Wendy Williams vs. Angie Martinez?

The voice of New York will be coming to a network near you! Well that is the word on the street based on a Wendy Williams outburst over dinner. It has been reported that Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter, who also manages her, were taken to lunch by executives from Wendy’s production company Debmar-Mercury. At this lunch the executives felt it was the right time to let Wendy and her husband know that Angie Martinez will be shooting a pilot for a talk show. This news did not sit well at all with the married couple. Sources claimed Williams broke into tears and yelled at the executives. The executives were explaining there would be no conflict of interest, but Wendy and Kevin were just livid and cursing from the back of the restaurant.


It is no secret to the long time tension between Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez. In Angie Martinez autobiography, My Voice: A Memoir, she talks about the beef they had in the 90’s speaking about Angie’s then boyfriend Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. That was the moment things got physical and a co-worker had to separate them and Wendy went to get a mop to defend herself if Angie came after her again. Either way let's keep in mind Angie is no stranger progressing in the media world from established and well-known FM radio DJ, rapper, author, a correspondent for Extra TV to being managed by ROC Nation. Martinez started her radio career at age 16, interning for Hot 97 in the early 90’s. Throughout the 90’s, Martinez built a solid foundation in her radio career which later transformed her into a radio trailblazer and gained the nickname “The Voice of New York.”


Will you be tuning in if Angie gets a talk show? What are your thoughts on Wendy’s alleged reaction?


Story From: ENspire, Jasmine Brand, BET