Will Smith Hints at a Career in Politics

 By:  Anny Jules  

Will Smith is known as one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars, but in a few years, he might be known for his career in politics. 



Say what!?



During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith admitted that he is not happy with the current state of politics and wants to do something about it. 


“As I look at the political landscape, I think that there might be a future out there for me. They might need me out there,"  Will Smith said, adding, "I’m a climber, so if I see a mountain, I have to climb it. I’m not a camper; I don’t like hanging in one place too long. So I think, at this point, I’m elevating my ability to be useful in the world.”


Will revealed that he is so concerned with the current state of politics that it is keeping him up at night. 


"This is the first year that I’ve been incensed to a level that I can’t sleep, you know? So I’m feeling that at some point, in the near future, I will have to lend my voice to the conversation in a somewhat different way,” he said. 


It is unclear how Will Smith intends to lend his voice and public image to politics, but we look forward to seeing what he does next. 


What are your thoughts on Will Smith’s possible future career in politics? 


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Story from: ABC News, People, The Hollywood Reporter