The Chakra System

The 'chakra system' refers to the body's 'energetic system' - which when balanced will ensure optimum health and well-being.  Remember - human beings are ultimately energetic fields - the human body represents the physical aspect of a human being - but it is the energetic field of the body that animates it.

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Candice LemoniusComment
(1) 'Spiritual Technology' (2) The Coming 'Spiritocracy' (3) 'Spirito-cratic' Communal Systems

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" (Arthur C. Clarke.)  Arthur C. Clarke was not far off the point - however, the truth in the matter, is more startling still.  The time has come - the development of Human Consciousness is such - that the reality about that term - which we style 'Spirituality' - should be properly and fully understood.  

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