How Do You Prepare For Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone and Succeeding?

Peace be unto you all,
Do you prepare for success? I know it sounds crazy, because we can plan, but who knows when it will it happen. If success lies outside our comfort zones, and we cannot plan when success will occur, is there anything we can do to be prepared before stepping out? I was wondering about that this morning, so I decided to research some ways to prepare for success.

Do you prepare for success? I know it sounds crazy, because we can plan, but no one knows when it will happen. If success lies outside our comfort zones and we cannot plan when it  will occur, have you ever wondered if there anything we can do to prepare before stepping outside of our comfort zone? Like if you know you are going camping in the mountains and you have never been to neither the mountains nor camping, and someone says, "Oh, well we already have you a tent set up and supplies," wouldn't you still try to take some precautions? You would still pack toiletries just in case your friend did not think to pack any or does not use the same products as you. Experts actually suggest one prepares for success with two methods, reading and prioritizing. 

Try awaking two hours early each morning. Use this time to calm your thoughts and visualize how you will conquer your day. Spend  at least thirty minutes reading something uplifting, educational, or informative. You can mix up your reading material, but make a habit of doing this. Remember knowledge is power, and it takes mental strength to succeed in life. 
Secondly, successful people prioritize. They know their more important and least important tasks. Then they tackle the hard stuff first, in spite of the  any difficulties. They stick it out because they can see the big picture. They don't know when their hard work will pay off. They just believe it will, so they plan to be ready. It is easier to control the situation when you have considered both the best and the worst that can happen. 

Implementing these small but significant habits into your lifestyle will attract the life you want. Everyone wants success, but most will not take the steps to prepare for it. When we prepare for success, we practice positive behavior. It has nothing to do with material things; it is both mental and spiritual. My definitiion of success is to be mentally and emotionally at peace while also being financially stable. Though we each have our own definitions, I don't doubt these habits will help us all to get there. What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts. Until next time..  Check out SWAG HER.NET