From Madison, To South Africa; Sending you my heart in an Email

A woman.

The giver of life, and the nurturer of families, but as we move forward in the 2000’s we realize that the meaning of a woman reaches and exceeds beyond those simple definitions. In my humble opinion women are the backbone to the Earth. We are strong enough to bare children, be mothers and wives while becoming CEO’s of our own companies, and being positive forces within our communities.

In the Bible God made Adam first, and that’s why men are stronger physically, so they can protect the woman, but he made Eve from Adams ribs, why you may ask? What is the purpose of the ribs? To protect the heart. I believe woman have a sixth scent man do not have. I like to call that scent our “woman’s intuition”.  Our sixth instinct is here to protect the heart of our planet. 

We love hard, we support hard, and for many years we have been the secret leaders of the world. Have you ever heard the theory “behind every great man is an even greater woman”, because it’s true! Over the centuries, woman have placed their ideas, and beliefs into their husbands, who then spoke them to the general public. I’m not saying men can’t think for themselves, but woman look at situations from every angle.  Emotionally& physically, what’s good for business & others, not just what’s good for the moment & self. We have the ability to look at a situation with love without being emotionally involved.   

When woman support woman, beautiful things happen. We allow the jealously of society to put us against each other. The reality is, jealously is the devils work, each and every one of us has a destiny that has already been written. My blessings cannot block yours and yours can’t not block mine. If you receive and opportunity, that I didn’t receive it simply means that wasn’t for me. We are all on our own journeys in life, and just crossing paths, why not help each elevate together instead of tearing one another down? If one of us wins, we all win.

Not too long ago, in America, women didn’t have voices, we couldn’t vote. Now that we are in the 21st century, more woman are stepping up and letting their voices be heard, and I honestly believe it’s better for our planet. With so much war and poverty in the world, I am looking forward to more woman becoming world leaders. I believe it will play a huge difference on the outcome of healing our planet. What people refuse to understand is, we are NOT different races, but one race, mankind. When more people began to understand that, the healing of our planet will begin, but that will only happen with more woman in powerful positions.

In order to heal our planet hurt people must learn to love. As I type these words I realize that I am a feminist, in my heart I know women can and will do anything a man can do, but it’s going to take that first step. The name of that first step, is courage. Woman are here to be leaders and nurtures why not live up to you full potential? If God put air into your lungs this morning it is for one purpose, to change the world. Changing the world doesn’t always consist of large grand performances. You can change the world by lending encouraging words to someone, by planting a garden with your friends, volunteering your time to help children in your community, or by just giving off positive energy. One thing I do know is the change of the world starts with love, it start with leadership, it starting with nurturing, it starts with us, women.


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