Monday Morning Motivation: Fearless 2015

Peace be unto you all...

While we recently posted about the magazine not being ant-New Year, New Me” I also did not set any New Year’s Resolutions. Upon much reflection, I realize most of my failures and missed opportunities derive from fear. At first I thought it was negativity, but the usual negativity such as the habit of talking myself out of things and the self-doubt, always begin with fear. I am afraid of something and then I set myself up for failure or just don’t go through with them.

Sometime before Christmas, I told my children I would be home New Year‘s Day, yet two days before the big day, I still had not received my missing checks from my last job and though my bank account showed me paying my phone bill, the phone company said otherwise. The thought of driving over four hundred miles to Mississippi without my phone, which also served as my GPS was scary. Keep in mind as I have said before I know very little about traveling, and I do not know my route from Atlanta to Mississippi and vice versa well yet.

However, I told myself, “Fancy you always make something happen even when you lack other key components. You always try to make sure everyone else knows you appreciate them, but what about the people who matter most? So guess who thought to screen shot the directions, since they could not gps them and drive home at about five pm on New Year’s Eve?

Knowing that the drive is seven hours, I knew I would not be home by midnight, but I figured that should have been fine. I was more concerned with how would remember exit numbers after going so many stretches. When I first began leaving out of Atlanta, I was so nervous that I drove extremely slow. Everyone was passing me by and I was debating if I would make it out of the city without a gps. I was then reminded of a post I had made earlier that day about how God always pulls me through.  Why did I think he would not pull me through this? I assured myself that if God allowed me to make it out of the city area, it was certainly meant for me to go.

I was amazed as I crossed from Georgia to Alabama then on to Mississippi. As we often do in life, I would go so far confidently then start to wonder if I was heading in the right direction all together. Do you know what I am talking about? Yet, those little victories were minor in comparison to the feeling I got when my youngest daughter woke up as I adjusted her cover. She thought I was my mama at first and paid me no mind. When she opened her eyes, you could see her face go from unconcerned, to surprise, to am I dreaming, to excitement. Then she reached out to me for a hug. That moment was priceless. I like to think that was big victory two hours into the New Year and that it could set the pace for more to come plus it also means I was traveling at midnight, which I really hope to do more of as well.

How did the New Year begin for you all? How has it been treating you so far? If I had to describe how I plan to spend this year with one descriptive word, I would say fearless. How would you describe your plans. I would love to know.

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