Relationship Jealousy Positive Affirmations

Relationship jealousy can be the deciding factor in whether a relationship is able to be long lasting or not. It is extremely easy to become jealous in a relationship and you may think your partner has too many friends of the opposite sex, get on too well with colleagues at work or just acts suspiciously sometimes.

It is important to remember that in most cases, relationship jealousy is due to a lack of trust from one partner rather than the other doing anything wrong. By realising that your partner chooses to be with you rather than the others you are jealous of and by increasing your own self esteem, you are able to get rid of these feelings. If you feel that this applies to you, our relationship jealousy positive affirmations could help you.

Positive affirmations can allow you to embrace the issues that you have experienced in the past that cause you to be jealous in the first place and can help you trust your partner more. This can lead to a happier, more trusting relationship.

Present Tense Affirmations 

I realise that my partner chooses to be with me and nobody else 

My partner and I are both happy in our relationship

I discuss any issues with my partner

I enjoy being in a relationship

I can easily express my opinions and feelings

I am naturally trusting of my partner

I find it easy not to get jealous in my relationship

I am a naturally positive person

My life and relationship are great

Other people see me as happy and fulfilled


Future Tense Affirmations 

I will become more confident within my relationship 

I will forget my past issues

Every day I trust my partner more

Other people are starting to notice how my confidence has increased

I will not constantly accuse my partner of cheating

I will not ruin any more relationships with my jealousy

I am turning into someone who is more trusting

I am naturally becoming more confident and positive

I will begin to smile more and show the world how happy I am

I am becoming happier every day


Natural Affirmations 

I will not let my past issues reflect on my new relationship 

Others are envious of my trusting relationship

My relationship is a huge part of my life and I will not jeopardise this

I realise that it is important for my partner to have friends of the opposite sex

My partners happiness is very important to me

My relationship makes me happy

I know that there is no one but me that my partner is interested in

I am becoming more relaxed in my relationship

Being less jealous has improved my life

My optimism is increasing every day


Recommended Resources to Combat Relationship Jealousy

Relationships Jealousy Insecurity Subliminal: The perfect subliminal messaging album to combat jealousy in a relationship. In subliminal messaging albums and mp3 tracks, the positive affirmations are embedded within the track and set at a frequency to contact the subconscious mind only. This allows them to be simple and effective and they can easily be used for long periods of time. This is our top recommended album for jealousy and insecurity as it can allow you to develop more trust and confidence in your relationship.

Stop Being Jealous Subliminal: This subliminal mp3 is a very good way to target jealousy specifically within your relationship. It can allow you to stop over thinking situations, stop analysing your partner as much and stop jumping to unnecessary conclusions. It can also allow you to become more confident and calm when talking about feelings and issues with your partner.