Maintaining Perspective

By  Dilshaad Bux.         By Dilshaad Bux

By Dilshaad Bux.        By Dilshaad Bux


Whichever way you think of your life, that is the way it is. 

Whichever way you think of your Creator, that is the way He is. 

Whichever way you think of yourself, that is the way you are. 

Our perspective on life governs our actions. It's the reason why one person may see an impossible obstacle, while another may see an exciting opportunity - when both are in the same hot mess. 

Perspective is how we choose to see our life and our Creator. Most of all, it is how we choose to see our self. 

Our perspective will define the result of any hot mess in our life. If we believe that we will be brought down by a bad situation, then this will be true. But if we believe that we can grow from the same situation, then this too will be true.

Your perspective is your reality. 

It is normal to be knocked down every so often by our troubles. We are human. However, being human also means that we are built to survive. We are built to overcome. We are built to succeed. 

Perspective is our secret weapon. 

So, when we're down, we need to find the good in everything and focus on it with all the strength we have left. Soon enough, the good is all we'll see, and our mind and energy will be in tune with nothing but good vibes. 

We need to maintain this attitude and focus on the positive in every situation, so that the next time we're knocked down, we'll be able to lift ourselves back up before we even hit the ground.

And if you ever thought that you're not worthy of a good life, then you've never been more wrong. You were created as a treasure, out of love, by your Maker. 

You are His masterpiece. 

When you love, respect, and take care of yourself, you are loving, respecting and taking care of His creation - so you will be loved, respected and taken care of by Him, in return. 

This is yours, but only if you want it. 

It all depends on how you choose to think of this beautiful soul called you.