Be The Light

By  Dilshaad Bux        By  Dilshaad Bux   

By Dilshaad Bux       By Dilshaad Bux  


Many of us spend a lot of our time pleasing others. Women in particular have been groomed to serve everyone before themselves, varying with intensity across different cultures. But as with everything, balance is key. You cannot give others light if you do not keep your own light alive. 

Mothers and primary caregivers are notorious for this - keeping everyone happy and healthy, at the expense of their own joy and wellbeing. This is not okay. As saintly as self-sacrifice may seem under these circumstances, it ultimately benefits no one. 

Nobody wants to be happy or well if it means that the person looking out for us is not okay because of us. This is damaging for everyone involved. If we wish to be there, truly and wholly, for those we love, then we need to be there for ourselves first.

This is not selfish. This is not inconsiderate. If anything, this is the greatest gift you can give to those you love. Because when you are happy, you make those who really matter to you happier than you can ever imagine. 

We are the result of each other. 

We look to each other for inspiration and guidance. We depend on each other to feel good. So, when you are emanating love, joy and contentment, you are giving those around you the tools to do the same. Their joy and wellbeing becomes a result of yours. 

If you want everyone to be happy, healthy and well, you need to make sure that you are happy, healthy, and always shining bright. You don't give others light by putting yours out completely. You give others light by sharing yours. When you keep your light alive, you light up the world and everyone in it.

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