A Body Of Love

By  Dilshaad Bux.        By  Dilshaad Bux



Your body is a temple, a sacred monument that houses your soul. 

Your body is your knight in shining armor, protecting its queen from all harm. 

Your body is a vehicle, carrying your spiritual self through a material world. 

How does a priest treat his temple? 

A queen, her knight? 

Or a car collector, his beauty on four wheels? 

How do you treat your body? 

Do you fill it with junk, attack it with criticism, pinch it and pull at it? 

Or do you fill it with love, treat it with kindness, honour it for its strength and nourish it with goodness?

What we put into our body is not what we get out, because even when we neglect our body, criticize it, and deprive it of all things good, it still does not let us down.

Our body is built for survival. 

We have been blessed with reflexes and protective instincts that we aren't even aware of. Every second of every day our body is fighting off germs and toxins that we can't avoid, and poison and junk that we can avoid, but don't. 

Do we vandalise our places of worship, or do we keep them pure and clean, and filled with love and light? 

Do we hurt those who protect us, or do we praise them and honour them?

Could we live without our daily modes of transport that take us to work, carry our grocery bags, and bring us home safely?

Our body will keep working hard for us, but we shouldn't wait for it to fall before we realise its value. We need to love our body, nourish it, and do our best to stay away from everything unhealthy. We have to make a conscious effort to take care of the body we have been given.

Your body is strong, it is beautiful, and it is yours.

Honour it, respect it, and love it the way you love the One who has blessed you with it.