Hometown Glory

By  Dilshaad Bux .        By  Dilshaad Bux   

By Dilshaad Bux.        By Dilshaad Bux  


One of the unsung beauties of a vacation is the feeling of being unknown and unrecognized, free to observe and absorb an ethnic energy that we would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. 

In this way, we elevate ourselves from our small-world thinking. We expose ourselves to different ways of being, different struggles, and different examples of endurance and triumph. 

Some of the best holiday destinations in the world are not found in first-class destinations, but in third-world countries, where locals overcome the challenges of their land so much so that we find ourselves inspired by them, and we keep coming back, over and over, just so that we can feel their love and zest for life again. 

We're always seeking an escape, somewhere to go to and get lost in. We think that we can only reignite our life's spark by fleeing our own situation and getting as far away as possible, even for a little while. 

We go through our lives not seeing our own triumphs, and noticing that our own stories and struggles inspire so many around us, and keep them coming back to us, over and over again. 

We all need a vacation every now and then, but I think instead of waiting for that time to come around once a year - or once in a lifetime - we should look around ourselves, in our own environment and take the time to step out and experience our hometown as a tourist would. 

More than that, we need to look at ourselves and admire our struggles with as much awe and respect as we would with anyone else who embodies strength and endurance.  

See yourself through the eyes of a stranger. 

Experience your hometown with the bright-eyed bewilderment of a tourist. 

Recognise the strengths of your community and your self, and use this as a fuel to change all the things that you do not like about your circumstances and your surroundings. 

Make your homeground one that keeps you and everyone else coming back, over and over, to embrace your love, your light, and your ethnic energy. The world will thank you for it.