By  Jadene B.              

By Jadene B.             


Let me first start by stating fervently that there are still good men out there, more specifically Godly men, who will pray with and for their woman, rather than prey on them. 

This notion might sound cliché but what isn’t these days? Talk about a good man and women roll their eyes and shrug their shoulders, as though you’ve offended them in the worst way. 

Ladies, not all men are dogs.... in fact there is the unique man who is overlooked and undervalued – the Godly man. It bothers me when I hear women bashing Godly men saying that they are no different than those they usually come across. Let’s just eliminate that accusation by saying that just because a manloosely calls himself a Christian, does not mean he is one. You will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:16), and their sole purpose is to honour God – and this shows in his actions & character. He is satisfied with his identity in Christ and finds no satisfaction in worldly endeavours.

A worldly guy would have no problem trying to sleep with you before marriage, he desires to please himself more than anyone else. He wants the relationship between just you two. He wants little if any accountability and little or no interaction with family members. The man after God's heart works at keeping you both pure because he honors you and God – why? Simply because he’s a man of the Word and rejects the rules of society to follow the principles of God. He desires to please God above everyone else.

He places his relationship with God above you so that he is able to love you with the same love imparted unto him by Love Himself. He leads with authority, displays the love of Christ towards you and each day commits himself little by little to dying to selfishness. His ways are not of this world as he adheres to the standards of his Father’s Kingdom.

We live in a society that is burdened by compromise but the man of God is not moved by what other men are doing.

While the unsaved man cringes at the idea of marriage and the classic ‘ball and chain’ theory, Godly men know the purpose of marriage. Marriage is the depiction of Christ and His church. 

Now onto the question of their existence... you might ask where they can be found. Well, that’s not your problem... the bible tells us that “HE who FINDS a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22)”. Pursual is not your job. You are the one who is to be found. The woman was God’s gift to man, NOT the other way around.

Worldly men are attracted to carnal things. They are attracted to your physical appearance, body, your morals (or lack thereof), personality, your body, education, your body, and oh yeah your body! Their focus is more temporal than eternal. Now I'm not going to say that Godly men don't care about looks and body because they do. Men are very visual, but he cares more about your spiritual than the physical. 

A Godly man knows that Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain(Proverbs 31:30)  and is attracted to a woman's love for Christ,biblical way of dealing with development and growth, chastity and purity, your humility and submission, your devotion to God, your modesty, meekness, biblical womanhood and femininity, and self control. Her spirituality is preeminent because He knows that you won't look the same way in 30 years. He also knows that this will be the mother of his kids, and it's important that she has certain attributes to raise Godly children.

The Godly man has given up his own desires and submitted himself to the will of God. He is more concerned with bringing glory to God through your relationship. It's not about perfection, it's about direction. Godly men are not perfect, but their heart is set on pleasing God. They are all a work in progress and have to grow & mature as we all do. We have to stop acting as if there is no difference between Godly men vs worldly men because there is.

But first we have to examine ourselves, does a Godly man even have a reason to approach us? God will lead a man to you but the only way that will happen is when you yourself are aligned to His will, rooted in His word. God will not place this valued man into the hands of a foolish woman. If you are to be his gift, make sure you are neatly packaged.