Tests Of Excellence


This life is a series of tests - every bad experience a lesson to gain tools from, every good experience a reward for our perseverance.

When we can think of life this way, we will be less concerned with what we own or how much we earn. Instead, we will focus on being good and happy.

Goodness and happiness may seem like simple concepts, and it is because of this simplicity that it is often shrugged off as unimportant. Many consider the pursuit of goodness and happiness to be a playful past-time, important only to flower-children and fairies. 

But they couldn't be more wrong. There's nothing airy-fairy about striving for goodness and happiness, because to be good and happy you have to be as tough as nails.

Everyday we are bombarded with bad news and bullies - in the workplace, in the media, and often even in our own homes. To maintain our willingness to be good and happy through all of it requires strength. So be proud of yourself for pursuinggoodness even when life feels like it's all bad, and know that you are strong beyond measure when you are able to smile at the end of a rough day.

This life is made up of tests designed especially for you, to push you out of your comfort zone and closer to your great potential. 

As with every lesson worth learning, your tests come only when you have been given all the knowledge you need to pass with excellent results. 

Reflect on the experiences you have. 

Listen to what your daily encounters teach you. 

Gather your tools, and embrace every test with strength - strength that you've been unaware of, strength that you've had all along.

No matter how difficult it may be, or how many questions you feel like you do not have answers to, don't give up. 

Don't allow failure to be an option. You were born to excel. So work hard at your excellence everyday. Practise goodness and happiness even in on your most difficult day, and reap the rewards of a life superbly lived.