Understanding The Purpose Of Loss

By  Dilshaad Bux.         By  Dilshaad Bux  

By Dilshaad Bux.        By Dilshaad Bux 

Have you ever thought about the similarities between loss and growth?

It may sound absurd, and impossible to compare, but this life - with all its ups and downs, and ups again - have brought me to observe, and believe, that loss is just as important for our progress as any progress. 

Loss, just like growth, is an inevitable part of life - when we are born, we lose our place of comfort, the first home we've ever known because, after 9 months, we've outgrown it and are ready for our new home. 

Likewise, every breath that we take, from our very first breath, our very first cry, is a process of loss and growth. We inhale oxygen to grow, and then lose carbon dioxide by exhaling. We let go off our first breath for the sake of the next. 

Loss, like growth, is crucial for our renewal. Milk teeth give way to stronger, more permanent teeth. Our skin cells die and fall away to make space for newer, more revitilized skin. Everything about us is about experiencing loss, and growing into a better version of ourselves through these losses. 

So why think of external loss as any different? 

We become so hopeless when we experience a loss in our lives, yet we forget to see that this loss can only be ever be good for us. 

It is only natural for loss to help us grow. A painful break up, the loss of our job, even the loss of a loved one - as difficult and impossible as it may seem to overcome at the time, loss is good for us, because it only means that we are strong enough and ready to grow yet again, and even more. 

Losing a loved one is probably the toughest form of loss that us as complex, compassionate beings can experience. The very fact that we have the power to acnowledge such loss, reflect on it, and eventually return to a normal way of life, is proof in itself of our great nature - a nature that has been granted to us from our very first breath, and that we are responsible of pursuing from every moment there on out. 

Whether loss is great or small, and whether it is inside you or outside in your environment, its purpose will always be for you to grow, yet again. 

When you experience a loss again, great or small, be sure to affirm that this is all part of your inevitable growth. Take from it what you need to learn, grow, and get that much closer to your true, great potential.