Your Diamond Self

By  Dilshaad Bux.         By  Dilshaad Bux   


If life were to be breathed into a diamond, this diamond would open its eyes as a woman. 

Beautiful, unbreakable. 

This is a woman. This is you. 

Women are born with so many gifts - including strength, courage, compassion, humility, and love. These are the facets of every woman's diamond self, with love being the most brilliant and admirable of them all. 

The natural traits of a woman are taken for granted by many women, and are therefore seldom respected by anyone else. Just like a diamond, we too deserve to be respected. To be respected, we must carry ourselves with grace, even on our worst days.  

Do not be deterred by your struggle. The obstacles and difficulties in your life are all part of your polishing process. Through your struggle you will discover your strengths, your gifts, your talents - your diamond self. 

We often make the mistake of believing that our difficulties are greater than us, but the truth is we already have everything we need to overcome even our greatest obstacle. 

All we have to do is keep going, keep perservering, and maintain a positive attitude no matter how difficult it may seem. 

Maintaining positivity is often a challenge, but we can work on this by being aware of the words we use in our daily activities and conversations - with others and, just as importantly, with ourselves. 

By embracing positivity we will ultimately unearth our greatness, and our true beauty will be revealed. By showering ourselves with positive actions, words and even thoughts, we will realize the great worth of our inner and outer beauty, and we will ensure that it is respected by everyone, including ourselves. 

This beauty is the only one of its kind. 

Your diamond self deserves to be protected, respected, and loved by you without limits. Only when you can truly love and respect your one-of-a-kind self, will others love and respect you too. 

As you go through this life you owe it to yourself to use every precious moment you have, and every challenge you face, to pursue your greatness and shine as the true diamond you are.