A Moment Of Reflection


Every now and then, in between our strides of glory and success, something happens to remind us of our younger self, and the pain of a past we've so neatly packed away deep inside our hearts. 

These moments happen to remind us why we are doing what we're doing, and who we're fighting for. 

Some of us are fighting to make a better life for our children, our peers, ourselves. 

Some of us are fighting just to stay alive.

Whatever we're fighting for, our cause is noble and our fear, a faint whisper that we seldom take heed of, let alone hear at all. 

So every now and then, when we encounter a pebble in the road that brings us to our knees, we need to take that moment and be mindful of how we feel. 

As difficult as it may be, when a recent event forces us to reflect on a turbulent past, we need to respect that moment for what it is - a reminder of just how far we've come, and a reinforcer of how far we are yet to go. 

If we are anything good today, as we stand, then we need to respect our past and all that it entailed, because it is in that past that we learnt our lessons, and it is these lessons that have helped us to evolve into the great versions of ourselves that we are today. 

And this is only the beginning. 

When something happens to remind us of who we were, and what we've been through, we have to allow the moment to seize us. 

We have to allow ourselves to experience the moment in all its raw emotion. 

And then, we have to allow the moment to pass, by giving thanks to our younger self for being brave enough to make the pivotal change that has brought us to where we are today - as better versions of ourselves, and with the best yet to come. 

Embrace memories of your younger self, no matter how tainted some of these memories may be. 

Embrace your younger self, because she is your reminder that you have grown so, so much. 

Embrace her as she continues to push you to become the greatest version of her that you can be.