Mind & Matter


In any physical activity, more than our body, it is up to our mind to keep going. It takes great will power to push passed breaking point and conquer every obstacle. 

We may think that our legs need to be strong in order to get us over our hurdles, but our state of mind needs to be strong and healthy too if we want our legs to carry us at all. 

In order for our physical self to work at its greatest potential, our non-physical self needs to be at its best. We may have the fittest and best-looking body on the track, but if our spirit, our thoughts, and our sense of self is not as fit, we will not last very long. 

Sure we may keep going for a while, but when our muscles begin to tighten and our breath runs out, it is only our state of mind that can keep us in the race.  

We nourish our body with proteins and nutrients, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and stretch our muscles so that they are relaxed and ready to move at record-breaking speed. 

Likewise, we must nourish our thoughts with goodness and positivity, replenish the light in our hearts with love and understanding, and stretch our minds with curiosity and knowledge. 

Our body is capable of performing great feats, pushing the boundaries to overcome obstacles and thrive. We see it daily - at sports events, on survival documentaries, in news reports on poverty and warfare. 

The human body is strong, powerful and graceful.

But just as we rely on our physical strength to carry us over our daily hurdles, so does our physical body rely on our mental and emotional strength in order to carry us over these hurdles everyday, without giving up. 

The strength, power and grace of our physical self comes from the strength, power and grace of our inner self. If we can remember this and apply it to our daily lives, there will be no obstacle too tough for us to conquer.