3 Steps To Sunnyville

By  Dilshaad Bux

By Dilshaad Bux

Yesterday this time felt as though the world was on top of me. I could not breathe. I could not think. I could not remember what it felt like to be happy or hopeful.


Today I am alive. I am excited. I am ready to welcome the new season and all the surprises it has in store for me.


What changed between yesterday and today?


I'm still the same person, surrounded by the same people, living the same life - so how did such a hopeless yesterday become such a wonderful today?


3 words:



  2. REST, and

  3. LOVE.


I know from past experience that dull days are bound to come around. This is all part of being human. In a life that is unpredictable and increasingly demanding, we are bound to run out of steam every now and then.


Instead of being angry with ourselves when these days come around, we need to have PATIENCE.


Let the emotions in, let them sit with you, and let them reveal to you your deepest thoughts. Allow yourself to experience what you are going through.


None of your problems are greater than you, but make no mistake, you need the energy to deal with them.


This is where REST comes in.


Take some time out. Have a cup of tea. Clear your mind and regain your energy.


When you return to the world, you may not feel 100% recharged, but at the very least you will have the strength to speak.


Enter LOVE.


Reach out and speak to someone you love - a parent, a partner, a sibling, a friend. No matter how bad things are, or how busy the world is, you can bet that there is someone out there who is ready to drop everything to be there for you.


This is love. This is what we, as human beings, do. This is what we are.


When we humble ourselves and ask for a helping hand when we are down, we allow a person who loves us the opportunity to express this love for us.


By being there for us and helping us back up, these special human beings restore our love for ourselves. They bring the sun back into our lives and remind us why it's great to be alive. We get back up again and we keep going because of this love.


Yesterday was a bad day. There will be more of those to come, no doubt. But today was a great day, and there will be many, many more of those to come.


Be Patient. Get Some Rest. Be In Love.


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