The One Thing



What is it that makes you feel excited? One thing that makes you smile out loud, just by thinking about it?


Find your most favorite thing. The one thing that you would trade everything else in your life for.


Do you know what it is yet?


Does it come to mind easily? Or are you struggling to think of something?


If you know what it is, that's good. Pursue it. Indulge in it. Love it.

You deserve to feel as excited and alive as your favorite thing makes you feel.


If you don't know what it is, then that's great too - because now you have something awesome to look forward to.


Allow yourself to enjoy searching for the one thing that makes your heart feel like its about to burst into light every time you think of it. When you find it, embrace it as it brings new life to every part of your being.


Daydream about your favorite thing. Make time for it. Look forward to it.


If it is truly good for you, if it feeds your soul and nourishes your overall wellbeing, then it will benefit you and have a positive impact in every aspect of your life.


Once you have found your favorite thing and entwined it into your existence, find another favorite thing. And another. And another.


There's so much in this life to be excited about. Even in the toughest times, there is still much to look forward to. And if nothing else, there is hope.


There is always hope.


If you have tried your best and still cannot find your favorite thing, then start with hope, or love, or sunlight, or oxygen. Let these magnificent human experiences be your favorite things.


Let the very thought of a better life get you excited about life itself.


There will always be at least one thing that makes all your difficulties worthwhile.


Find your one thing. Hold on to it. Let it light up your life.