Our Fear Of Greatness

We all have those days when we feel unable to perform even the most basic tasks. We feel incapable of doing anything beneficial for ourselves, our loved ones, and society at large. 

Why does this happen? If anything, today we know more than we did yesterday, yet yesterday we seem to have been more confident than today. 

I've learnt that action stops where fear starts. 

When we are afraid of something, we hold back. We doubt ourselves on even the simplest tasks and, more often than not, we choose to avoid them completely. We rob ourselves of another opportunity to evolve. 

This past week I felt incapable of writing. Writing is one of my greatest passions. It is a gift that I treasure. Yet the fear of being inadequate in my expression through words overwhelms me every now and again. 

I'm not sure why or how it happens, but I know that it happens and it is all part of being human. 

Every now and then something out of the ordinary happens to remind us that we are human - still learning and always evolving. 

Unexpected trials occur so that we may face ourselves and reassess how much we've grown, and how much more we still have to look forward to. 

Fear stops when faith takes over. 

Faith is what I focus on to give me strength and to rid me of any fear - especially my fear of failure. When I have faith there is no place for fear. When I have faith, my difficulties become my moments of sheer greatness. 

We learn, we overcome, we conquer - because we have faith. 

If you are think that you are not capable of overcoming strife, or that you are not strong enough, then take a moment to look back on your life. 

You'll see how many times you succeeded when you thought you would fail, and how high you flew even when you thought you would fall.

You are stronger, wiser and higher today than you were yesterday. 

Let your faith dissolve your fears. 

With this faith, let your greatness take flight. 

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