Twin Flames: the separation stage, and dealing with the pain



When a Twin Flame relationship goes “bad”, it happens for a reason. It happens because even though you are apart there is still more to learn.


The two of you are still connected, and you are still teaching each other. The lessons being taught may concern grace, surrender, trust, detachment, inner strength, forgiveness, etcetera.


Forgiveness is the hardest one of all. There is no easy answer to questions like “how do I cope with the loss of my Twin Flame”, because it is the most painful loss of a relationship you will ever feel. There will be an ache in your heart and a longing of your soul to be in the arms of your loved one, but it will not happen: for now.


And then, to make matters worse and to make the loss even more painful, no one around you will understand what you are going through. It seems to be a continuous, solitary struggle. You feel alone, cast out, perhaps even to a point where you may think you are crazy.


No one will understand and there you are, left alone in your sadness. You may try to explain this connection, this unimaginable journey to people, but they will merely present you with cliche phrases like “some things were never meant to be” or “he (she) wasn’t right for you anyway” or “you live and you learn”. But no, dear one, they won’t understand, and no, this relationship is not like any one they have ever experienced.


So, there you are, left with a whole bunch of questions, with no real answers that you are satisfied with. It seems to be just the way it is, until new information is presented to you.


Yes, the two of you are still connected.

Yes, the two of you still think about each other.

Yes, you will still feel their energy, and know when they are upset, emotional, or thinking about you.

And yes, it will upset you, make you angry, make you feel helpless, give you feelings of hopelessness, and also make you wonder: “why was I working so hard to move up this relationship ladder if all I got was this?


It does not seem right to feel such great and immense love and share such a connection with someone, only finding it to not last or linger? Yes, it is quite sad.


However, just know you are learning


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