Twin Flame Depression, Pain Or Sadness

Are you feeling blue because you are in the Separation Stage of the twin flame reunion? You are not alone. Most of these special reunions, including my own, hit us hard and can bring us to our knees. What we do know is that when twin flames separate, there are compelling spiritual reasons for it. It is never a failure, it is a Phase of the relationship, although it IS painful. If nothing else, we must always remember that the separation part is temporary and (I agree with many who say this) it is needed and is a part of the ultimate reunion that is coming. What I do know is that time has an amazing way to heal us, and allow us to see a bigger picture. It is never the end.

You see, twin flames do eventually reunite because, forgetting the earthly situations we find ourselves in, twins have an Eternal love union as exact soul mirrors of each other. Twins literally can't break up in the greater scheme of things. We are stuck with them and them with us. They are our bliss, and always will be. Our hearts cannot be torn asunder. Yes there are separations, as part of our planned journey, but a reunion once begun, will complete itself at some point, we can be sure of it.



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