Your soul is pure energy, and in its greater whole, is made up of 12 equal flames or energy shards, and thus vibrates then at that frequency.  In your soul body, you are pure energy and vibrate at your soul frequency and vibration, which then is in tune with your soul blueprint.

At this moment in time we are given a window opportunity to raise our own frequencies and vibrations, to become more in tune with the cosmic pulse.  Essentially this means, that frequency and vibration on which you’re whole SOUL GROUP vibrates cosmically and thus the higher dimensional states of Being.  Your soul group then belongs to a greater CLUSTER of soul groups, and these then form their own energy pool for a certain life expression, which they in turn, reflect back to the Divine Source.

There is lot hype, as said before, around Twin flames and re-union, and also a much romanticized version, which truly reads like one of those Mills & Boon romances.  I get letter every single day from people all over the world, who have met their Twin and then are immensely challenged in that relationship.  Or they find, after that first recognition and infatuation has faded, and reality sets in, that they are bewildered and in pain.

Relationships in essence are not just about having great sex.  Unfortunately a lot of the hype these days is about having orgasms and gymnastic sex, about sex techniques, and whatever that enhance performance and goodness knows what.  Sex might be a great sport, but it is no glue to hold a relationship together.  At some stage or other the little jackals appear, and the little jackals tend to grow into big ones, and eventually they bite.

I have written more about the relationships aspect elsewhere.  I just want to stand still for one moment at this sexual part.

Most people on this planet (because of conditioned thinking and of other factors), have little understanding of the sexual energy itself.  The sexual energy, as all energy, does not need to manifest itself in PHYSICAL form.  It is pure ENERGY.  Thus it vibrates, and has frequency and it can be used, like all forms of cosmic energy, for the greater good of all, or for self-satisfaction and self-service – or for destructive purposes.

In the last thousand odds years, mankind has tended to abuse the sexual powers, as the male dominant powers, tended to few women as chattels, as sell-a-ble commodities, as slaves, as possessions, and as something one can use for one’s own ego and self-gratification.

In some societies the sexual energy was so suppressed, that it in turn bred more of the negative abuse of the energy, than it actually helped to keep people’s minds or bodies from having it.  As with all suppression, it will manifest in forms which start growing grotesque at some stage or another, because it goes into the realms of the extremes.

So let us now just for one moment return to energy itself:

The sexual energy at its very core, and as found within the Divine itself is pure and is the life-force energy itself.  It is a very beautiful and profound energy, that is meant to be used creatively and with immense love.  In essence it is a flame and one of those sacred flames which eternally resides within the Creator Itself, the Male and Female parts of the Divine – who are two separate entities.

The two separate entities then have a third component and that is what is sometimes called the Holy Spirit.  The three – male, female and spirit essence then form a sacred triad, which is the cornerstone, or foundation of all creation.

Please read that again:  Male + Female + Holy Spirit = CREATIONAL ENERGY FLAME OR FORCE.

The Third component then is sheer energy in that it is often called, the CHRISTED consciousness.  It is that higher state of consciousness which arises when the higher energy fields merge into multiple dimensions of Being.  It is what en-light-ends us from within and without – in fact one can say it is a massive energy conduit and energy transmitter.  It is in fact the vital key code of all life energy itself.

This is crucial to understand.  If male and female just merge for the sake of play, and there is no understanding of the sexual energy, then this energy mostly is used for self-gratification.  (WHAT CAN I GET OUT OF THIS?)  It comes back to having the gymnastics for the sake of getting a kick out of the experience which can become like being addicted to that certain physical feeling that one gets and one wants more of.

In essence then, modern society worships youth and the form of a teenager, and then wants to have transcendental sex, without understanding that without maturity at SOUL level, the physical form is but a vessel and an empty one at that.

One has not got the wisdom and the insights into life, when one is a teenager.  That is a fact.  One only grows into wisdom and maturity, as one goes through the school of hard knocks in life, and starts delving deeper into oneself.  The rest is but a futile attempt to find happiness in an act, that might give you a lot of physical sensations, but leaves you empty inside.  There is no lonelier place to be, than lying next to someone in bed, and feeling the Arabian Gulf between two souls.

So what is missing?

The soul and the third force, combined with a true understanding of the sexual energy force itself.  Most of all immense and utter love + TRUST.

The Sexual Energy was one of the greatest and most beautiful gifts that the Divine bestowed on all of creation.  In essence though it does not need physical form in order to express itself.  It expresses itself through pure energy, and then the energy between two souls, between two sparks of energy created by the same Source.

One part of the energy is more negatively charged and to other more positively charged.


In all of creation there is a beautiful balance of this energy, and in its prime form, it is the creative force which sparks to life more life.

For instance, two souls can merge in the most profound sexual union, WITHOUT having to have physical bodies in whatever form.  I am NOT talking about ASTRAL sex here either – I am talking about the sexual energy of the male, and sexual energy of the female blending into union, which is even more profound than when one has physical bodies which often are more of an encumbrance to true union, because of hang-ups etc.


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