10 Ways To Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy (That Aren't Burning Sage)

image via pinterset 

image via pinterset 

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In feng shui, the best spaces are the ones with the most positive, peaceful, free-flowing energy. When that energy gets blocked, we feel blocked too.

If you've been feeling uninspired, lethargic, chaotic, or otherwise "off," a space-clearing ritual may be just what you need to reinspire your routine and reignite your life. It can help you sweep away any stagnation or unwanted energy hanging in the air around you.

Throughout history, various cultures have practiced space clearing to purge their surroundings of negativity, and many of them have kick-started the process with a sage burning. Nearly everyone I know around the globe has a sage wand that they burn at home, and they instantly feel the difference once they're done. As sage burns, it floods a space with negative ions that create a more positive-feeling environment — like the freshness you feel in the air after a rain shower.

If you're looking to upgrade your own sage wand with herbs that are more exotic, specific, and fun, here are 10 traditional rituals to clear space and welcome in fresh, fantastic energy. Always set an intention for what exactly you'd like to clear from your home before you begin!



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