Frequent & Ill energies

By Dominique Campbell 

Recently, I’ve had a few run-ins with the strange & unusual. I honestly, don’t think they were unusual. I think they were just evil energies that I felt lurking. It all started Labor Day weekend. My best friend from St. Louis had come to visit for the weekend. I literally had not seen her in a year & some change.

As she was about to board her flight in Atlanta, I felt this weird, uneasy feeling come over me. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I felt something. The next thing I know, I get a text from her saying that her flight in Atlanta is delayed. She doesn’t know why or for how long. Her flight is delayed for an hour. She didn’t get to my city until almost midnight. The next instance of ill energies lurking were I had a problem checking her into the hotel I had booked for her to stay in. It took us until almost 1 am to get her checked in & settled in her room. After those couple of mishaps, I started to get negative thoughts in my head. I thought, well maybe her trip here wasn’t meant to be.

So we proceeded to enjoy Friday, her first full day in town. I started to put the negative things & energies I had previously felt out of my mind. I inserted the positivity all day at work that day & I was ready to move forward with the weekend. That Friday night we had a great time! We had dinner at a restaurant with Jamaican Cuisine. We ended bar hopping with some friends of mine that I had made since living here. We honestly didn’t get in until about 5 am! I thought the rest of the weekend would go smoothly.

That Saturday, I woke up but I felt something off. Something really off about just the whole day. I woke up late, miss brunch with her, had to use a cab to get to The French Quarter where she was. I felt some kind of energy emitting off of my driver that was not welcoming. By the time we got to the location where my friend was I was over being in that cab. The driver tried to call the police on me because I had to go the ATM to get cash out to pay him and I guess I took too long.I knew what I felt wasn’t a mistake.

Another instance of bad energy was leaving work with a coworker one day and the car started to act crazy on the way home. It did perfectly fine on the commute to work and when I left to make a Walmart run. I felt this energy in a high frequency when we left work. The car would not crank at all. The car had just gotten fixed. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

I’m learning to decipher all of the energies I feel. It’s hard sometimes to wade through them all. Sometimes for me they bounce off of other people I come in contact with or situations that I deal with.

Rule of thumb: Always be aware of what you feel and be clear on how to navigate through them.