How to...(Ill energies sequel)



By Dominique Campbell

Recently I revisited a time back in September when my best friend from St. Louis came to visit for Labor Day. The energies I felt & how everything went that weekend. During that weekend, I was really in touch with the energies I felt during every activity of the whole weekend. I also got back in touch with how to navigate through them & manifest positive experiences despite what I felt.

I had recently went to bible study with a friend from work. You’d never guess what the topic of the study was, supernatural abilities & how to navigate through what you feel.

That was confirmation that the path I was on & what I felt wasn’t by mistake. The leader of our bible study started with this description, “…measure of supernatural ability that God design’s over your life. Your purpose…”.

That thought & the tools marinated on my mind for about the whole week.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned when navigating through the supernatural energies & feelings you have:

1. It’s not mistake that you are where you are. Just don’t question it & go with it.

2. Sometimes, I jot down random things that come to mind in specific situation that help me deal with the validity of the energies I feel. I have a little black book, it’s my manifestation book. I always know where it is & I just write everything I need out a situation or a person.

3. When you feel unsettling energies about a situation or about a person, I tend to pray. That always comforts me.

4. In the situation with my friend being here & the energy I felt from that not so good cab driver or ride, I had support. I felt the love of my friend. I knew she had my back.

In closing, never feel weird for the way you feel & how you navigate through the waters of energies. Sometimes, we as humans don’t understand that our daily experiences leave impressions on us that we impart onto others. Strive to have positive experiences in your everyday life. Let the light that lives in you radiate & spread to others.

Peace & Love,


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