Spiritual Forgivess: My Ex is dating the women he cheated on me with what should I do ?


By @Nicole McKenzie

Spiritual Forgivess:



I was recently asked a question that inspired me to write about HOW to spiritually forgive and let go of your EX


Question: "My Ex is dating the women he cheated on me with what should I do ?" 

Anwser :  I felt happy and praised God.


1. He proved I wasn't crazy.


2. I was happy God protected me from such a coward. And upset I didn't listen to my gut and not date him in the first place.


3. I gave him credit for being there during some tough times when no one else was. But also recognized how he used those times as a weapon to tear me down. I deserve better.

4. I prayed for her. Karma never picks a convenient time to screw you. I pray she truly triggered a change in him.


5. Honored God for protecting me when I thought I was being rejected.


6. She gave him a child and I sure wasn't ready.


Before all that sank in it hurt like hell but sometimes as women who love hard, unless the rug is ripped from under us we stay longer than our welcome. We had to be taught the gift of letting go the hard way. Besides do you want a partner or a flea on your coat tail? That's what he would've been. He clearly didn't know how to man up and be honest about where he was. You really gonna be mad about losing someone who couldn't be true to himself? How could he ever be true to you?

Let them Go!! 

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