Intuitive Point of view

It's a warm summer night and you're cruising on your way home from work. There isn't a lot of traffic, so you're unknowingly driving a little faster than you normally would. Suddenly you hear a voice in your head... something inside is telling you to “slow down.” You peer down at your dashboard to see you're going ten miles over the speed limit and instantly let off the gas. As you bend the next corner, to your surprise, you see a motorcycle cop waiting to ticket someone to reach their monthly quota. You instantly become anxious and think “Thank goodness I slowed down, look away sir, look away.” You cruise by, head straight forward and hands at ten and two. You drive past and peer nervously in your rear view waiting for any signs of sirens or flashing lights. You're Safe! He stays motionless as he waits for someone else less aware to drive by.


Do you listen to your inner “voice?” You know, the one inside your head telling you when something is “off” or “weird.” The voice giving you certain vibes about a person despite, what they may be portraying. It's the voice that says “Answer this call, something is wrong.” The voice that whispers “I just know” or “This is the one.” Call it a “gut feeling” an “Instinct” or a “voice” in your head. Whatever you choose to call it, its there and it is our greatest gift of “knowing.” It's a knowing we have without any reason, or logic.  I prefer to call it my “intuition” or my “inner knowing” and my goodness am I glad I learned (the hard way of course) to listen it. We are all intuitive beings, yet not everyone is in tune with listening to their intuitive side.

When an opportunity presents itself as a new job, or meeting someone new, it can be exciting. Especially when your intuition aligns with your heart and encourages you that you are making the right choice. What about when your intuition is telling you one thing... and your ego is telling you another? During these dilemmas, we have to make a decision... and these decisions end up becoming pivotal turning points in our lives. This one decision on closing a chapter or choosing to keep it open, changes your journey ahead.  It can be difficult going against something that you truly desire at the time. This is when true strength is put to the test. Our intuition is there to help guide us but if you aren't paying attention to the signs, you can often miss or ignore them.


Signs your intuition is trying to get your attention:

1.You feel uneasy/skeptical about a person or a situation.

When you're doing what you're suppose to be doing, you feel happy and confident even if the decision doesn't seem rational. If you're feeling uneasy or anxious... figure out why.

2.Your Ego and Intuition don't align.

Ego will point you in all the wrong directions. Often disguised as a “secure job” or a “comfortable relationship.” Intuition is there to guide you as your true self, leading you down the path you are destined to travel.


Understanding how to pay attention to your intuition will help guide you throughout life. Become aware of what you're feeling physically in your body when you're in search of an answer or guidance. What are you sensing? What do you feel? Anxious... maybe sick to your stomach? Do you feel lighter or have a sense of relief?  These are all signs your intuition is guiding you.


Take a minute and reflect back on your life experiences and think of times where your intuition has saved you. With a fresh perspective can you now see that you may have “known” something was off, but maybe something stopped you from listening to it. What stopped you? Can you identify some of the red flags that you may have overlooked or ignored because you didn't have proof? Being aware of your feelings, thoughts or physical symptoms, may help you identify your own intuitive signals when you're being guided. Our intuition is like a muscle, the more we work it out, the stronger it becomes.


My piece of advice coming from a thirty year old soul follower, who now trusts her intuition above all else, is to learn to trust it... then always trust it. Trust it over your thoughts which are shaped by your emotions and perceptions. Trust it as it picks up on vibes and energy that our hearts and minds don't always recognize. You KNOW your truth. You're the only one who does. Learn to trust your Intuitive Point of View and find out just how amazing life can be.


<3 Jess

Jess Of Trades


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