What am I made of ?

By : Domonqiue  Camp       Picture via Instagram 

By : Domonqiue  Camp       Picture via Instagram 



When trying to explain who you are, sometimes it can be quite complex. For me, I have the lovely pleasure to always have to discuss my duality when it comes to who I am spiritually and what I identify with. My whole life I had been raised in church with some kind of belief system. My father is Baptist. My mother was Methodist but is now Baptist. As a child we attended all of the church events my parents could get us into. Church is where I found my calling to be a teacher. I had started subbing for the kindergarten Sunday school teacher and then it evolved into a permanent thing. I was 14 then.

As I grew older and started to experience life more, my thoughts about society through religious lenses had shifted a bit. I became more tolerant of others’ lifestyles, gifts, and their place in the evolving universe. I mean let’s be honest, everyone has a place in the universe where they fit right? College, not church had taught me more about people and tolerance. In church and growing up, the message is to love everyone as Jesus loves the church. We were also taught to come as you are. Essentially, acceptance.

Also a thing I slowly began to distance from was actually going to church, the actual building. I started to feel like I didn’t have to be in the building to feel God’s love or to operate in the teachings I had learned. Then, it’s weird because at the age of 29, I became Catholic. I was at a point in my life where I had lost my faith. I learned so much about faith in catechism in all those months I had to go to class every Sunday and Wednesday until I was confirmed on Easter.

At the tender age of 31, being Catholic is a little different that when I was confirmed two year ago. Social injustices and social issues that are important to me in my adult life are at the forefront into my generation’s eyes as of late. I’m comfortable with discussing my duality with others. I have also started to delve deeper into my yoga practice and the study of chakras, manifestations, and various forms of meditation. I am grateful for all of the dips and turns my spiritual journey has taken me throught. I am for certain this journey is never ending.

Peace, love, & Light



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