How My Spirit Overcame the Toughest Heartbreak

By: Dominque  Campbell    EIC Nicole Mckenize 

By: Dominque  Campbell    EIC Nicole Mckenize 

This time last year I was planning my wedding. I was super excited about marrying the love of my life or so I thought. I wanted all forms of the spiritual element to involved in our special day. We had talked about doing premarital counseling through our church. Seems like we were headed on the right path.

As the months passed, I started noticing signs that we weren’t right for each other. If we differed on the things we were putting in and on our body, that was a clear sign, he wasn’t the one. It was so hard to come to that conclusion after compromising so much for this “love”. I finally came to a conclusion; I should end it. Call the whole relationship and wedding off. I didn’t even care about the money I was losing by calling it off, it was my peace of mine I cared most about.

I toyed with how to break everything off but no matter what scenario popped up in my mind it was never perfect or painless. So just one day, I texted him to come to my job for my lunch so we could talk. I couldn’t even get out what I had practiced before sobbing. I broke it off. The wedding and the whole relationship.

The months that followed were not easy. I struggled with depression. The only things that help was reading my spiritual aids and the intensive study of yoga. I studied deeper into my practice about how each movement represented a moment in our lives. I developed a deeper love for others, the practice itself, and lastly, it helped me to love me a little more every day. I began to connect deeply with my yoga family about struggles and they became an extension. My yoga practice and yoga family got me through the hardest time in my life.


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